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Prescribed Fire study approved by CCRCD Board

A dog stands in front of a prescribed burn and a rural backdrop.
Landowner conducted broadcast burn in Calaveras County,.

The CCRCD board voted to approve the formation of a Prescribed Fire Ad Hoc Committee at the March 2024 board meeting.

The ad hoc committee is to present a feasibility study for the CCRCD becoming active practitioners of prescribed fire in our community at the May 2024 meeting containing:

  • Overview of prescribed fire - benefits and conservation objectives
  • Mother Lode Prescribed Burn Association history
  • Other RCDs doing prescribed fire (e.g. Placer RCD)
  • Liability concerns
  • Burning season
  • Required equipment
  • Training
  • Funding opportunities

The Prescribed Fire Ad Hoc Committee contains the following members:

  • Mike Dvorak (chair/board member)
  • Julia Marsili (board president)
  • John Osbourn (board member)
  • Ben Cook (associate director)
  • Trina Walley (executive director)
  • Claire Rappaport (community member)

Please reach out to Mike Dvorak if you have any input on making more prescribed/good fire a reality in Calaveras County.